Bigvits Top Tips for Coping with Self-Isolation

We are facing challenging times with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the need for people to isolate. Bigvits wish to ensure that your Mental Health stays well alongside your physical health. We have put together some fun things that you can do at home if you are in the situation of not being able to leave the house. Some resources are at the bottom for you to try.


Exercise is essential to ensure good mental health. It gets the blood pumping and releases endorphins (our happy hormones). Bigvits do not know what your physical ability is, so we have provided some nice safe seated exercises that are aimed to ensure that the muscles needed to stand and walk remain strong as well as giving the our other muscles a gentle work out. If you normally go to a gym then maybe you can do some of your normal exercises using tins or bottles. Also have a look on the internet, there is an abundance of exercise programs you can follow. If you feel any strain or pain, then stop.

Listen to some music – play the music you find uplifting, whether it is classical, pop or heavy metal. Maybe for a change try a different genre of music, see what it makes you think of, how it makes you feel. You never know you might like it. My suggestion to start with is Queen “Don’t stop me now” – I’d love to hear what you think…….

Read – maybe someone could leave you a book on the doorstep for you to read (either borrowed from the library or from their own collection).

Paint – look out of the window for inspiration, through some magazines, books or the internet. There are lots of resources for mindfulness colouring and we have included one here to get you started.

Activate the brain – with a crossword, quiz or word search:

Talk to people – telephone friends for a chat, use social media, whatever means helps you feel connected with people.

Look outside – notice what you see, the colours, the buildings, the sky, the clouds. Count which birds you see, can you identify what type of birds they are.

Eat healthy – continue to eat healthy with plenty of fruit and vegetables, fresh or frozen both are as good and full of nutrients. If you run short of essential things, telephone a neighbour or friend and ask them to help you get what you need. We will only be too keen to help in these difficult circumstances.

Reduce Anxiety – if you are feeling anxious about the situation, limit how much of the news you watch (30 minutes might be ebough to remain informed), stop reading online newspapers or social media trends and follow the above advice to distract you.

Remember you are not alone and your health is the priority.