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If you are female team sport player this new review article will be of interest.

Photo credit: Driffield RUFC Ladies XV Renard and colleagues (2021) have just published a summary of research looking at comparing the food intake of female team sport participants to recommendations for both health and performance. The article is titled, “How Does the Dietary Intake of Female Field-Based Team Sport Athletes Compare to Dietary Recommendations for […]

Vitamin D, no better time to ensure you are optimising your intake?

Ireland’s government are currently been urged to act upon the latest evidence and include Vitamin D as part of the countries national strategy to tackle COVID.  The Times have recently reported this story, indicating “Take vitamin D supplements to prevent severe Covid-19, health experts urge.”1 Dr Daniel McCartney (director of human nutrition and dietetics at […]

Nutrition and immunity at all ages.

Our health and wellbeing have always been important. However, in this unprecedented time, a lack of either can have serious acute and long-term consequences. The influence of our diet and nutrition in relation to our health has never been more in focus. This is especially true in respect to our immune system and its function. […]

Dr Shane looks at whether current research can help us prepare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have asked Dr Shane with continued testing and reporting of COVID-19 cases in the UK, can current research give us any direction in how best we can prepare ourselves. Before any discussion, we must understand that central to controlling the spread of this virus, as well as limiting our own potential infection, is the […]

What supplements do I need in pregnancy?

Getting pregnant can be an overwhelming experience. Above everything, you want to make the right decisions that will allow your baby to grow healthily. Eating a variety of nutritious foods is especially important when you are pregnant because the food you eat will provide the nutrients your baby needs. You can get most of what […]

Supporting your health and wellbeing through this unprecedented time.

We asked our resident Nutritionist Dr Shane Thurlow who has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition for his thoughts around what we could be doing to support our health and wellbeing. He has written us a series of blogs, starting with this one. Please consult your medical doctor before doing anything in the prevention […]