How to add Natural Fiber to your diet.


Product in focus.  Each month we will feature a product that we feel has much potential though it maybe one that you know little about.

The first product in focus is brought to us by Healthy Origins. The product is called “Fiber Natural Healthy”. A quick review of the product label indicates that this supplement provides us with 30 serving of 7.5g of Sunfiber Guar Gum, in a powdered format with no other ingredients.


Label Claims

Every scoop of Healthy Origins Healthy Fibre provides 6 grams of clinically studied, uncoloured, unflavoured, natural dietary fiber for digestive support. Healthy Fibre mixes effortlessly with most beverages and may also be included with food recipes to boost the fibre content.

Research Supporting Label Claims

We all hopefully have a basic understanding of fibre as it relates to our diet and health. In summary, this indigestible carbohydrate helps to keep our digestive system healthy and helps to prevent constipation. The different types of fibre can support our health in several ways. These include the speed at which our food moves through our intestines, adding bulk to our stools and helping us “keep regular”, influencing how quickly we absorb sugar from foods and drinks, or our blood cholesterol levels. Additionally, fibre can also have an effect on our gut bacteria, in regard to their numbers and diversity.1

Is Healthy Origins Fiber Natural Healthy different to many of the other fiber products available to us? The short answer to this question is, Yes.

Sunfiber, the soluble fiber within this product, has many discrete benefits that make it potentially an excellent addition to our diet. Especially if we are currently not meeting the recommended daily intake of 30g of dietary fiber for the general health benefits. The latest figures suggest that in the UK, the average fiber intake for adults is 18g, 60% of what it should be.2

Sunfiber is a Guar Gum, made from guar beans. Sunfiber is clinically shown to be effective at regulating occasional diarrhoea and occasional constipation. It is an excellent prebiotic (a form of dietary fiber that feed the “friendly” bacteria (including Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus) in our gut for maintaining digestive health and microflora balance). As it tasteless, colourless, odourless, gluten free, and 100% water-soluble, it can easily be added to our foods without issue.3

Helping with our body weight regulation?

Unlike other fibers, Sunfiber has a Healthy Satiety effect. Sunfiber does not “block” the gut, but rather has a potential effect on our appetite control. Guar fiber (Sunfiber) is reported to exhibit appetite control via delaying the colonic transit time of digested food, stimulation of satiety hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) and induction of prolonged perception of post-meal satiation and satiety effects.4 Why is this important? Regular intake of guar fiber (2 g/serving) provided significant prolonged after meal feeling of fullness and reduced between meal food intake by about 20%.

This is a simple strategy that we could adopt if we are looking to reduce our total daily food intake by feeling fuller with each meal and reducing our craving and tendency to snack in-between meals.


If you start adding Healthy Origins Fiber Natural Healthy to your supplement plan, please share your experiences. Has it help with your portion control? Helped you stop snacking? Helped you stick to other healthy eating options that have shown benefit. What else are you currently trying to help you look, feel, and perform better?


Healthy Origin “Fiber Natural Healthy” is a soluble guar gum fiber product that we can easily add to our foods during preparation. In addition to helping maintain our digestive health. This product will help us control the amount of food we may consume and help us reduce our snacking tendencies between our meals.

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