How to stay healthy over the festive period.

Are you preparing for Christmas, writing lists, Christmas cards, shopping? Have you considered your own health needs over this time?

Christmas is a time of overindulgence with food and drink, late nights from parties and socialising with family and friends. It is easy to overdo things, and eat one too many mince pies, have that extra glass of fizz and that’s before the chocolates come out!

It is therefore worth thinking about how you can help maintain good wellbeing over the festive period. Even if it is just to plan your recovery in January. Bigvits are here to help with some suggestions as to which vitamins and supplements can support you to stay healthy.

The weather is turning colder, the bugs are coming out so do all you can to ensure you maintain good immunity, keep the illnesses at bay so you can fully celebrate the festivities rather than be lying in your bed wishing you were there. A good start is to ensure you are getting enough Vitamin C and Vitamin D to give the immunity that extra boost. If you happen to start with a cold then Zinc can help reduce the length of time you are affected by symptoms. Epicor is another great product that boosts immunity and is available in adult and children’s version.

Over indulgence can have a negative effect on the stomach, so get stocked up with a good Probiotic that will ensure we have all the “good bacteria” in our stomach necessary to fend off any upset stomachs.

Whilst on the overindulgence, try to ensure that you are getting a diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grain. This helps detox the body getting rid of the bad stuff and refueling the body with the good stuff. Another option is to take Activated Charcoal which helps cleanse the digestive system from toxins.

Don’t forget to exercise when you can, even if it just a walk in the fresh December air. This not only benefits you physically however can really help your mental health at such a busy and stressful time.

If you are planning on going vegan in January then, don’t forget to make sure you get enough Vitamin B12 and Iron. Bigvits often a great range of vegan suitable vitamins and supplements. If you are thinking of detoxing then this article might help you prepare:

Remember Christmas is about enjoyment so make sure you do all you can to ensure you stay healthy over the festive period.

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