International Children’s Day 1st June 2019

Children will be children! Whether they are climbing trees, riding a bike, reading or drawing, as parents we strive to ensure they have the best start to life.

We naturally want what is best for them and want them to thrive as they progress through their milestones and life. With conflicting advice regarding nutrition, supplements and vitamins it is sometimes hard to know what is best. This International Children’s Day, Bigvits are here to help with our range of handpicked children’s vitamins and supplements suitable for your little ones growing needs.

Conceiving and pregnancy

Before your child is conceived or born it is important to make sure you are getting the right nutrients. The NHS recommend a daily supplement of 400mg folic acid is taken by all women trying to get pregnant and then for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is to help with the babies spine and brain development. Doctors recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women also take a daily vitamin D supplement to support bone growth.

Babies and Toddlers

As children grow, they have differing nutritional needs. Vitamin D is crucial for healthy and strong teeth and bones. Our bodies make vitamin D when the sunlight hits our skin, so we are often deficient during the winter months. Public Health England recommends that all children are given a daily vitamin D supplement from birth to four years old (unless they’re fed more than 500mls of vitamin D fortified infant formula a day). Bigvits stocks naturally flavoured vitamin D drops that can be safely given from birth.
Fussy eaters cause a lot of stress and worry over whether they’re getting all the nutrients they need. Bigvits offers a range of full spectrum children’s multivitamins that might be suitable for your child. Available in a range of flavours, a daily chewable tablet will help give you peace of mind that whatever mood they’re in or whatever food is currently off their favourites list, they’ll still be getting a full range of micronutrients.


Again, you might be worried about your child fussy eating, the lack of vegetables and fruit, the beige food they love to eat, and who knows what they are (or not) eating when they are at school. This can be helped with a general multivitamin, that ensures your growing child is getting all the nutrients needed to aid with bone, growth, brain development, and concentration.
Public Health England recommends that children and adults should consider taking a supplement that contains 10mg of vitamin D, especially throughout the Autumn and Winter when sun exposure is generally less.

A probiotic is sometimes worth trying if your child is frequently unwell as this can increase immunity as well as help digestion by maintaining the good bacteria in the gut.
The world of parenting is a mind field with no manual, however Bigvits is here to help ease the anxiety of ensuring your “little legs” gets the necessary supplements and vitamins.


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