Know Your Products: A to Z Pure Health Liquid Chlorophyll.

Having just launched, and promoted A to Z Pure Health’s new Liquid Chlorophyll, we have been asked what the benefits are of adding this product to our supplement plan. We thought we would ask Dr Shane to bring this information to life……

We all generally know that Chlorophyll is involved in energy production by green plants and that we are encouraged to regularly consume plenty of green plants. For many this is all we need to know, and we need to try to eat plenty of green leafy things. For those looking to ensure they are optimising their health and wellbeing, we shall take a deeper look into Chlorophyll, one of the most abundant biomolecules on Earth.


Chlorophyll, which are structurally related to bilirubin (the potent antioxidant bile pigment in our bodies), is amongst the most important bioactive nutritional factors for us in regards to its protective effect.1

Traditionally, Chlorophyll has been used to improve body odours. More recently research indicates that Chlorophyll has been shown to be prudent in the removal of various toxins and improving the function of essential detoxification pathways, used as an anti-inflammatory for conditions such as pancreatitis, as well as a potent antioxidant and chemoprotective agent.2

So, Chlorophyll can be helpful regarding our health. Though if we don’t love eating vegetables or find it difficult to eat significant amounts or don’t have access to them routinely, then supplementation may go some way to help us bridge this shortfall and gain the numerous reported benefits.


Recently NBC News in the USA have reported on the growing interest in Chlorophyll and its benefit on our overall health including digestion and our appearance (linked to “fresher, more youthful skin”). The media stream goes on to say:

“the #chlorophyll hashtag on the app has more than 97 million views, with users claiming the plant derivative has cleared up their skin, reduced bloating and helped them lose weight.”3

Supporting the health benefits, they also report, “chlorophyll is “full of antioxidants,” which “act in therapeutic ways to benefit the body, especially the immune system.” Antioxidants work as anti-inflammatory agents inside the body, helping “improve the body’s immune function and response”.

Chlorophyll has also been shown to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity in woman (aged over 45) when consumed in their diet. The authors concluded that “chlorophyll extract prevents and repairs cutaneous photoaging.”4


Therefore, in addition to regularly eating broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, consuming Chlorella and Spirulina (also rich sources of Chlorophyll), wheatgrass, green tea and numerous herbs, the inclusion of A to Z Pure Health Liquid Chlorophyll seems like an obvious choice.

Standardised to contain Copper Chlorophyllin, the A to Z Pure Health Liquid Chlorophyll product contains the same phytonutrients as foods rich in Chlorophyll. Though doesn’t have the potential issue of the Chlorophyll surviving the process of digestion that we may experience when we eat our green leafy food.5

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