The Vitamin D test results are in………

We all think we get the vitamins we need. We take our dogs out for a walk and get Vitamin D, we drink milk and get Calcium and we eat fruit and veg to get Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium. But is that the case?  Here at Bigvits we did an experiment to see if there was a difference between those who took a Vitamin D supplement and those who didn’t.

Customer services and accounts manager Jodie didn’t take any Vitamin D supplements before taking the test. She spends a lot of time inside but has a healthy diet. Jodie was shocked to find out her results.

Result: 23 – Low

Realising just how important taking vitamins are, Jodie now takes 5000iu Vitamin D every day and leaves them at the side of her bed so she remembers to take them (always refer to the label for instructions on when to take).

As Procurement Manager, Kate also spends a lot of time in the office. Having not previously taken any Vitamin D supplement, her result was as shown:

Result: 16 – Low

Kate now takes Vitamin D daily and keeps them in a draw next to her bed so she remembers to take them (always refer to the label for instructions on when to take).

Head of Commercial, Laura, goes out walking her dogs every day, exercises a lot and has a healthy diet. However, she was shocked to receive such a low result for her Vitamin D levels.

Result: 9 – Low

Laura now takes Vitamin D daily to get her levels up.

Joint Managing Director, Will, has a healthy and varied diet and enjoys going to the gym and going for walks with his daughter. However, being an office worker, he spends a lot of his time indoors. Will was taking 5000iu Vitamin D sporadically before he took the test.

Result: 26 – Low

Realising the importance of taking vitamins every day, Will now keeps his Vitamin D with his toothbrush so he never forgets to take it (always refer to the label for instructions on when to take).

Hilary our Warehouse Manager would normally spend her summer outside with her horses and family; however, she suffered a traumatic leg break at the beginning of the summer meaning she had 8 weeks immobile and indoors. She has a healthy diet and was really shocked to find her result especially as Vitamin D is needed to keep your bones and muscles healthy.

Result: 6 – Low

Hilary is now making sure she takes Vitamin D daily and keeps it with the medication she takes for her leg to ensure she does not forget (always refer to the label for instructions on when to take). She has taken her Vitamin D daily since getting her result.

As our eldest member of the team Sue, one of our Warehouse Operatives again spends much of time outside with her horse. She had never taken a Vitamin D supplement. We know that your levels of Vitamin D can lower as you age, however Sue was very surprised by her result.

Result: 10 – Low

Sue is now taking a daily supplement with her lunch (always refer to the label for instructions on when to take). She feels her energy has also increased since taking this.

Alex is our youngest member of the team and as a student studying Conservation spends a good amount of time outside. However, in lockdown he found he spent a lot more time inside, regardless he was really shocked at his result.

Result: 14 – Low

Alex now takes a daily Vitamin D supplement, keeping it on his bedside table to try not to forget it (always refer to the label for instructions on when to take). He also feels as though he is less tired.

However, one of our Managing Directors, Charles, started taking 5000iu Vitamin D last winter but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, decided to continue taking them. Charles is an office worker so is inside all day and has a moderate diet. Charles’ results are as shown:

Result: 52 – Optimal!

Charles continues to take Vitamin D daily to keep his levels up. he is now know as Mr Sunshine!

This experiment, therefore, goes to show just how important it is to take vitamins! The Bigvits team were extremely shocked to find out that all those who weren’t taking vitamins previously had extremely low Vitamin D results! We’re going to re-test the team in a few months to see much of a difference taking Vitamin D has had. Check back in with us then!

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This blog by Dr Shane also offers guidance as to how much Vitamin D we should be supplementing with, click here to read.

This is not advising the optimal time to take the supplement, we would always recommend you refer to the product label or the advice of a health professional.

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