Vitamin D, no better time to ensure you are optimising your intake?

Ireland’s government are currently been urged to act upon the latest evidence and include Vitamin D as part of the countries national strategy to tackle COVID.  The Times have recently reported this story, indicating “Take vitamin D supplements to prevent severe Covid-19, health experts urge.”1

Dr Daniel McCartney (director of human nutrition and dietetics at TU Dublin) raised the issue in a Joint Health Committee. Dr McCartney stated that there was a lack of official action, in light of research indicating the protective role (reduced mortality among people with COVID) of Vitamin D in respect to COVID.

The expert group, members of the COVID-D Consortium, stated that plain guidelines need to be articulated by officials within public health in regard to Vitamin D and supplementation. This explicit information should form part of “Living with Covid-19, the Government’s strategy.

The Journal2 also reported that “Professor James Bernard Walsh (from the School of Medicine at Trinity College Dublin), said around 70% of people living in the Dublin metropolitan area as well as Kildare and Wicklow, are deficient in vitamin D during the wintertime. That’s a huge amount, he added.”

Time to act.

Why not check which foods contain good levels of Vitamin D and try to ensure you are regularly consuming these (click on the image below to take you to the British Nutrition Foundation resource on dietary sources of Vitamin D).

If we are still concern, we can quickly assess our own, and families with a Vitamin D Rapid Self-test.

Then, think about how best to address any deficiencies you may find.

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