Vitamin recommendations for new Mums and Babies

As a mother of 3 who breast fed I understand the trails and tribulations as well as the rewards that come with breast feeding. This weekend is the “global BIG latch on”. I am not here to argue for or against, however highlight the recommendations linked to support mothers and babies wellbeing and health regardless of what you choose.
The recommendations are fairly straight forward to follow and are based around the need for vitamin D, the key vitamin to ensure we have strong and healthy bones and teeth, essential at all stages of life.
As a new mother it is crucial you look after yourself, it is all too easy to neglect your needs as you are so focused on being the best mother for your baby. It is important to maintain a healthy, balanced and varied diet and to support this a prenatal vitamin can be useful making sure you get all the nutrients needed. Don’t forget Public Health England recommend that everyone over the age of 5 should take a daily supplement containing 10mcg of vitamin D between late September and April. The rest of the year it is possible to the necessary amount of vitamin D from the sun, however if you have any doubts you can continue taking the supplement.
All babies to the age of 5 years old are advised by Public Health England to be given a vitamin D supplement, this is essential if you are breast feeding, some formula milks have the necessary vitamin D within their ingredients so as long as they are having 500mls of this then a supplement is not thought necessary. However when they are weaned and not drinking formula, then the supplement should be taken.
The first few weeks and months with your new baby can be the most amazing precious times, however they can also be filled with stress and worry as you wish to ensure your baby has the best start to life. We hope this article has helped with clarity as to how vitamins and supplements can help. As your child grows then our article looking at children’s needs will be worth a read:

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