Vitamin Supplements… For Pets?!

pet vitamins

We tend to think of vitamin supplements as something we humans take. But they’re not exclusively for humans, as our new range of pet vitamins shows! You can help keep your furry four-legged friends in tip top health with our pet supplements that help support immunity, healthy joints and the health of their brains.

Pet Immune Support Supplement (NOW953)

Our immune support chewable tablets are formulated and recommended by vets and are suitable for both dogs and cats. They help support a healthy immune system, helping your pet build up strong defences against bugs and other nasties.

They also help support the function of their liver and kidneys so they’re able to eliminate toxins and live a happy and content life. Our pet immune supplements are made from a blend of natural ingredients such as plant botanicals and mushrooms. The products sold by Bigvits  are chewable and prove irresistible, your pet will think they’re just getting a tasty treat.

Pet Joint Support Supplement (NOW952)

If your dog or cat is experiencing joint problems that make their normal everyday movement painful or stiff, they may benefit from our joint support chewable tablets. They help support the normal ageing process of the joints and help soothe occasional discomfort.

They contain glucosamine HCl, MSM and hyaluronic acid (HLA) which all support joint health. The NOW Foods pet products as supplied by BigVits are gluten free and easy to administer. They also have added curcumin, which helps to reduce inflammation which can make joint pain worse.

Vet Kirsty Nelson, BVetMed MRCVS says,

“I often recommend supplementing the diet of both my canine and feline patients with glucosamine HCl and hyaluronic acid to support the repair and maintenance of their joints. The addition of MSM and antioxidants may help to provide pain relief and aid mobility”.

Pet Omega 3 Support Supplement (NOW951)

Omega 3 fatty acids are an essential nutrient found primarily in fish, that both humans and animals need. Our fish flavoured omega 3 soft gel capsules provide both types of omega 3 (eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA, and docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA) in an easy to administer dose.

These fatty acids are important for the health of the brain, joints and immune system. The NOW Foods products that BigVits sell are free from gluten and suitable for both dogs and cats. They have added vitamin E too, which can contribute to a healthy coat.

Vet Kirsty Nelson, BVetMed MRCVS explains why omega 3 fatty acids are so important,

“EPA and DHA in fish oil are converted into compound called ‘series 3 prostaglandins’ in the body which can help control and manage inflammatory changes. They may be helpful for pets with inflammatory diseases including allergies and arthritis”.

Looking After Your Pet’s Health

Like us, you only want the best for your companion animals. They’re part of the family after all. A healthy diet is essential for good health and for keeping their weight under control. This will help ensure they have a reduced risk of obesity, heart disease and mobility problems.

Staying active is vital to a healthy and long life too. Cats generally tend to look after this themselves, so making sure they have access to the outdoors is important. Taking your dog on a daily walk will benefit both you and your canine bestie!

Look to BigVits for an added boost with the new pet range of supplements. They’ll love you even more for it.

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